Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Creativity Matters- A-Z Challenge (C)

I am a day behind as I did not realise we were starting on the Sunday. In previous years we have not posted on a Sunday.

The important thing is that I overcame inertia and actually started typing this morning.

'Creativity Matters is a great title for a podcast and this is one I enjoy.
I love the sound and timbre of her voice as well as the content, and it encourages me to create.
That is one of the reasons I joined this April A-Z.

My creativity at the moment is keeping up with the challenges I chose- this one and a daily list one, plus the 365 postcards in 2018 I began a few weeks ago.

And I am puzzling over how I am going to use the Norman Rockwell theme to create something on 8x8' card to swap with someone.
This artist is not someone who inspires me, and I am curious as to how I even know about his work.
I googled him of course, and discovered his Four Freedoms series and may well depict the 4 freedoms in my own way, maybe with collage plus some drawing.

There is a temptation to remove my name from the list of people who want to take part in this project.
That is an easy way out, and is not exactly an invitation to creativity is it?


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