Monday, 23 April 2018

A=Z Challenge-T is for Treasure

I was listening to Jena Houston's replay of Quantum Powers and was intrigued by her reference to Tibetan Tema- hidden treasures.
I love the idea of a holy man centuries ago hiding physical and spiritual treasures to be discovered by the worthy and devout.
I wonder what these treasures actually are?

In the context of this A-Z challenge theme of art journalling etc, I have to say that some of my worldly treasure includes wonderful ephemera I have received from swappers, including some lovely purple organza ribbon and an envelope full of steam punkish stuff.

A neighbour gave me a box of vintage lace and another gave me a century old piece of lace from her godmother.

There is also the treasure of good ideas.

The newest swap idea is to create a page about an imaginary ancestor, with a picture and a bio and whatever else we come up with.
This will be a 12 month project so at the end we will have posted and received 12 pages and we will be join how to put them together to form a journal. We begin with an imaginary ancestor from 1700's and I already have an idea.
I won't write about it until I have finished it, as writing might dissipate the creative energy.


  1. The 'treasure of ideas' is priceless! I hope you one day have a way of sharing images in your posts but your writing is interesting to read and although it leaves picturing your activities to the readers imagination it's still a pleasure to read.

  2. Treasure is a super word choice for T! and leaving a treasure trove of ideas is beyond wonderful. Though I have to say century old lace sounds quite amazing too. Lucky you!