Thursday, 26 April 2018

A-Z Challenge- U= Underneath

A few months ago I participated in an online course with Desiree East as part of my wish to know some basics about expressing creatively on canvas.

We began with painting on canvas and week by week we painted over what had gone before.

I was quite pleased with part of what appeared in week one and was reluctant to paint over it, and then paint over that, but I was there to learn, so followed Desiree's guidance.

Eventually only I knew what was underneath, and even that was just a memory.
I began to enjoy painting in layers.
Last weekend Giselle Grenier took group members through a process of creating art on a small substrate and we began with gesso, then collage then added embellishments so the interesting piece  of paper with Russian text got covered over quite a bit and again, only I know what is underneath.

I quite liked the end result and have also learned more about composition and layout, which may well lead to a more pleasing ATC when I next do a swap.

The word 'substrate' kept being mentioned and it sounded quite grand to my novice ears, but it just means background, or what is underneath. It can be card, paper, canvas, wood..anything.

I have also heard the word 'substrate' in Ramana Maharshi's teachings.
In this context it refers to that upon on in which all of this world appears, including its art workshops, artists, art journals, paint card, gesso and modge podge.

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  1. love how you expressed your understanding of the word can not help but think that this was a bit about life as well. We start with who we are but keep creating and changing until finally hopefully we love what we see