Sunday, 15 April 2018

A-Z Challenge- N - no ideas

Wondering about N this morning and at the moment I have no ideas...well I had one- the idea to write about no ideas.
Sometimes that happens at the writing group.
I take in several prompts which seemed interesting earlier in the month when I designed the session, but on the actual morning when we meet, there is no inspiration.
I say to new people who come along to just put pen  on paper and write what you write.
At times I have to follow my own advice, including this morning.

I will see if anything emerges later today, fingers crossed for an addendum.


  1. Hope something pops into your mind. I've made a list for the Challenge, but I've been adding ideas as I've gone along. Thanks for visiting Buttercupland.

  2. And if nothing comes, it's OK too!