Friday, 19 January 2018

Experimental Paper-

William has samples of a  treated vintage paper for us to experiment with

I will post updates of my experiments here


I am not a watercolour artist.

I like to play with the colours.

I cut out postcard size pieces to explore this paper.

I wet one card then added drops of colour and watched it spread.

By the time I got to colour 3 the paper was not wet enough for the spread effect, so had drops of water just sitting on the surface, they did not move even when I lifted the paper and tilted it in invitation to flow.

Verdict - probably not for watercolour painting- (wet-on-wet) though experienced artists might have a different point of view.

I am happy with my postcard of radiating blues and dots of purple.


I asked for some Inktense pencils as part of my Christmas wish list in 2016- not used them much as I do not really know how to.

Created another postcard ( am making 365 postcards this year as a project )

The inktense colours came out beautifully

Verdict- good for Inktense. follow....

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