Sunday, 1 October 2017

Poem- day 2 of 31

10 minutes-''we write because we must''

I wonder, do I have this imperative to write. I joined a writing group and wrote 2 short stories a month, but left the group because it did not give the kind of feedback I wanted. There was a man there who thought he was funny, and always made some kind of joke at the end of my reading.

Someone else said my story about a dream did not make sense..I pointed out that it was a story.
Since leaving the group I have not written 2 stories a month.

I joined this 31 day challenge to encourage myself to write daily and this is day 2 and am still playing.

Just remembered, I have joined in with a couple of FB stroy prompts and wrote for 5 minutes each time, and also joined in their story competition.
But the craving for some kind of feedback, preferably postivie, demonstrates that I am not writing for me.
A story motif is in the ethers around my head, but have done nothing with it, and had an idea a few seconds ago that maybe each idea could be a poem in its own right, with actually no need for it to be a story, a novel , a book.

I have also run a writing group for 5 years- we meet monthly in the library and write in short bursts for 10/15/15 minutes then read out to each other.

Sometimes one of the members is negative and I often consider leaving them to run themselves, yet each month I return....

I went to a one hour workshop on Saturday, and made 2 little books- it was such fun to make, and so rewarding, and now, as I type, I realise I can write poetry in them..or even a word per page.

Image result for make a little book image

 And  I will have a go at making this too Projects?updated-max=2012-05-07T09:32:00-04:00&max-results=20&star

I do enjoy words, single words or small groups- or just a sentence.
I took part in an international art card swap in the summer and joined again...I made 54 cards, and each painted card had a single word on it...did it show me my favourite 52 words ( SOFT showed up twice )
I will post them soon and in return will receive 52 cards (52 arty words) from other people from around the world.

So- I have typed for 10 minutes and noticed I feel soothed by the process...not that I was stressed before- just noticing a change in my energy.

And now to the poem.
At 1st I did not want to write shape poetry, but soon changed my point of view and decided to give it a go,,,,chose a Luna shape.


Pearls around my neck feel warm to the touch.
  To own a pearl necklace I have wanted so much.
    It seemed out of reach-pearls are not for me
      Daughter of a grocer- so how could it be?
      What do pearls mean- elegance and grace, how do they feel so close to my face?
    At last they are mine, tinged with the colour of dawn not captured by ink
   but by the secrets inside the shell, who can tell?
  Are moonbeams collected deep inside,
To realise the pearl within them and within me?



  1. Zannie, I so appreciate you sharing your 10-minute writing and letting us in on your feelings and process. And your poem, it's exquisite. "It seemed out of reach could it be?" speaks to me to the thing most of us are afraid of -- that certain things/feelings/ideas are above us. Thank you and keep writing. xoA

  2. what i take from your words is that you have an intimate relationship with them. also, in the first line of your poem you write and how you compare yourself to the pearls at the end, the pearls gathered their warmth from you

  3. I read every word and resonated with a lot of it. I know that feeling of, "Amy I writing for me or others?" When I free write I'm definitely writing for me but posting on my blog I can't help but want to bring some kind of emotional response from the readers.

    It was an enjoyable read, thanks for playing along with OctPoWriMo!

  4. I made art cards in college. That was so much fun. I wish I still had them… I love that you are swapping with others! How fun!

    I also love shaped poetry. I feel like that is the one thing that makes poetry the most unique of all types of writing. The idea that you could form an image with words both visually and through text. Like, I remember reading a Christmas poem at some point that you wouldn't necessarily consider "Christmasy" until you saw the shape of the words. Then there are little adjustments you can make with poetry – like providing space to encourages pauses. Poetry is lovely and I wish you the best of luck this month as you make your way through OctPoWriMo!

    With Love,