Thursday, 5 October 2017

Day 5- poem a day

Finally I undertand     todays prompt.

Here are the words we were given to play with.

Word Bank Prompt
“Oh-h-h. Now I get it.” //“Aha.”
“I see.”   / “But of course.”
“It’s true!”
Delight     Discover
Epiphany    Grow
Learn     Mature
Satisfaction   Triumph
Transform    Vision

My daughter asked for legwarmers for Christmas one year
Year I could not find
Find legwarmers I could not
Not that she would like, wrong texture, wrong colour
Colour too bright , too neon
Neon would not do, synthetic would not do.
Do you have a pattern I asked the group
Group came to my rescue
Rescue with pattern and help
Help, I can't cast on
On and on I went
Went to Lynne for help
Help me you tube..Lynne is away
Away in France and I can't cast off
Off to youtube I go.
Go this way it tells me to follow
Follow I did
Did you know you can go into an altered state
State of no state with each stitch as it disappears
Disappears and trance appears
Appears for the knitter.

Ah- now I understand

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