Sunday, 1 October 2017

another prompt for day one ' where do you come from ?'

I am confused as to which prompts are which..there seem to be 2 going on simultaneously.

This one asks us to write on a it a poem , free writing...I don't know..but will free write for 5 minutes.

-I know now how I got confused...still- it made me write even more


family tree


roots and branches

origin story



I used to be interested in the fact that on my father's side my ancestors lived on a barge, and they carried ice. I actually wrote a story with that as an idea, and spoke it aloud on several occasions.

I enjoyed doing that but for some reason the story telling stopped.

It must have been very cold, wet and uncomfortable living and sleeping with ice, but these days it sounds appealing as my body gets over heated in warm spaces and seems to have forgotten how to cool down.

I moved to live near the sea 5 years ago and wonder if that is connected to my family living on the canals.

The biologists say we came form the sea, the esotericists say we are stardust.

Did I come from stardust -and even if I did, how did I get here, typing and wondering in this moment?
Stars came from somewhere
That no-one really knows
Across time and space, there's a place that creates stars
Really, it's true
Do you beleive me when I say that was my job in an earlier life
Understanding how to add sparkle and radiance to a lacklustre star
Stellar job said my manager..laughing at his own joke
 Till I out-created him and became a star.


  1. Sorry about the mix up. I decided to have a little fun during the party last night and to help people stretch their poetic muscles. Well done.


  2. i really like the whimsy in your words

  3. I love the musing tone.

  4. I love that the two different prompts pushed you to this posting. Any/all of our prompts at OctPoWriMo are completely optional, just offered to help those in search of ideas. That being said, the way you let the fun prompt from the kickoff meld with the prompt for day one led to something really whimsical and fun!