Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Day 8 of Afformations for Creatives

Remember - now you are using afformation you can ake action from this more positive and generative space

You are now, making assumptions about life and your
relationship to it  assumptions  that form the basis of how you
go through life – with positivity or negativity, confidence or shyness,
love or fear, acceptance or resentment.
What are you choosing?

If you assume that life is for you, you will take actions
formed by the belief that “things will work out for the best.
 Ifyou assume that life is against you, then your actions will be
formed from hesitancy, fear and the belief of why bother?

The afformation method..when used daily
makes conscious that which has,until now, been only subconscious.

Play with today's afformation:~

why am I so lucky with money?


 Remember to let your mind search for the answers to your question.
The point of afformations is not to actually cognitively  answer the question you are presenting.

The point of afformations is to begin to use your mind in a generative  new way – to begin focusing on things you may never have focused on before.

if you would like me to add more afformations, do leave a comment and I am happy to keep sharing

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