Saturday, 26 August 2017

Afformations for Creatives -Day 4

 Day 4- August  26th

Did you play with yesterday's afformation?

If not, it does not matter as you can play with the afformations in any order.
The main thing is to pick one and use it by simply asking it several times a day.
This gives your subconscious a positive job to do,  and will help dissolve the starving artist belief  patterns.

(I was inspired to post these afformations as a part of Eli Trier's series of interviews with artists and  money...and am a member of her FB book Beautiful Creative Life) 

Why do I have the courage to do what I love and ask for what I’m worth?


It is interesting when we pay attention to the questions we ask ourselves during the day.
why is no-one buying stuff from my etsy shop.?
why was that exhibition a failure.?
Why can't I earn a living through my art.?

The subconscious runs with those questions and comes up with responses....

That's why it is more generative to change the questions to something more positive and so more  helpful.

 Empowering questions cause our mind to focus on the
positive. The only answers to empowering questions are
answers or experiences that produce feelings of self-esteem
and a positive self-image. 

Empowering questions lead to
answers that tell the truth about who you really are.

Why do I have the courage to do what I love
and ask for what I’m worth?

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