Tuesday, 11 April 2017


There seem to be gaps where I do not write here.
I came today to post a link to a website that I want to return to again and again.


I am drawn to the

Ilise Greenstein The Sister Chapel section in particular.

and love the Bee Chapel too.

I have just registered for an international card swap via jessica brogans site, and have begun altering a set of playing cards.
It is the 1st time doing anything like this.

My first card, gold acrylic, then added a piece of a musical score looks a bit messy...so I hope things improve visually over the next 53 cards,

We all send our set to her, she mixes them up and we get a new set ....

I am also painting with Desiree East and actually put paint to canvas last month...and now I also have an easel

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