Saturday, 8 October 2016

day 8-Porous

The human body, porous to liquid light's downflow
From the Heavens.
DNA's secrets unlocked by liquid light's downflow
From the Source.
Source of liquid light, course of open flow.
Porous bones absorb the light,
Absorb the light's open flow.
Bones to dust, the costume of uninhabited skin
Fallen to earth.
River of light seems into the porous earth,
Pulled in , pulled down, gobbled up by that
Insatiable sharp blackness
Porous to the light
Tar melts, light-filled diamonds.


  1. "the costume of uninhabited skin" - love that phrase...

  2. The human body . . . bones to dust . . . porous to the light. Lovely images here neatly balanced with echoes of phrasing that leads us to that final light-filled line.