Sunday, 2 October 2016

Day 2 The Void

Void approaches.
Step towards it, step away.
Void approaches.
There's no avoiding it.
This lifetime.
Next lifetime.
Some lifetime.
Void approaches, stealth like a silent avalanche's promise.
There's nothing for it but to step 
Forward , into it.
Step, fall, bottomless falling
Then a hand.
A gentle land.
Expansion but no breath here.
Drop the bones, drop the heart beat in a heart beat.
Yet vitesse, vitality abounds despite the void.

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  1. Audible sigh as I finished this poem, Zannie. A favorite line: "Void approaches, stealth like a silent avalanche's promise." And, when I was working and percolating, I wanted to use the word "avoid," too. Thank you. xoA