Friday, 31 July 2015

Taxes, vinegar,carpenter

these are the 3 words for a current Mach competition.
I doubt that I will enter it...but they have piqued something.
Mash newsletter gave us this exercise to play with words.

What to do: simply pick a word at random, and type the next thing that comes into your head that’s inspired by that word, and then the next, and then the next. You do need to suspend your conscious thoughts somewhat for this.
The idea is to keep writing the association and if you stop,you have to pick another word.
I am going to adapt that and go with the flow of these 3 words.

vinegar- balsamic, wood, norwegian,spruce, bruce australian kangaroo, court, courtly medieval, spelling JK rowling, lucky, love, heart, rumi, dance, foxtrot, holiday, camping, film audio, audible, computer, online offline outside the line , criticism, harsh, ..
I just corrected spelling instead of moving on to another word.

Carpenter, wood, woods, tress, ferns, unfurling, poem, shakespeare, in love, family, conflict, genre, writing, facebook, waste, joining, joinery, dovetail, cooing, ceri, imagery , photo, Boston, pink. lilac, tress, house, hiding, sad, lost, found, paper, silk, kimono .
again, spell check.

taxes - biblical, moses, charlton, footballer, cricket,, fairness, light , spectrum, speculum, plectrum guitar, portsmouth, harbour, st ives, stripes, stars, arena, Bragg, show off, celebrate, birthday, cake, icing, singing madonna show off, extrovert, psychology.

and with this one, I got bored and stopped.
I have played this game out loud as 1-2-3 click and on the lick you say your word association- I found that fun.

These 3 words have given me an idea for a setting at least, which would use 'vinegar' but I wonder how I could include the other 2 without it just being a lazy way to mention them in passing rather than as a spark for creativity.

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