Friday, 31 July 2015


adjective: spectral
of or like a ghost.

"a spectral, menacing face"

:ghostly, wraithlike, shadowy, phantom, incorporeal, insubstantial, disembodied, unearthly, other-worldly;
rarephantasmal, phantasmic

"four spectral shapes moved through the thick yellow mist.

As you can see, I chose my word from the list  and the first thing I did was to google can see one of the things I came across.

Spectral has an atmosphere  and somehow it also has a dimension.
The image I see as I consider this word is in front of a dark room..wonder if I could use this as a way to move into a piece of writing per se...write now right now.

plus I was reading about show don't tell- wonder how I can incorporate that.

The room enclosed her senses...darklight unexpectedness.

Spectralight fragmented her eys, shards into the irises...straight into heart.

Sharp intake of breath disturbed the stillness .

No seeming source of light, yet subtle rose, dawn violet, antique gold fractured through that spectral light with unexpected invitation drawing her closer.., I wrote creatively for 5 minutes after initial meandering.
I wonder how it will read when I return.

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