Tuesday, 28 July 2015

an idea

I have recently signed up for a shedload of writing newsletters, but have not put pen to paper since the writing group this month.
One suggestion today  was to write a description of something and eg email it to a friend.
I am going to write it here and see what unfolds.

The pink sofa bed was once pure delight...finding something that fit the bill, comfort and design, but now it is showing its age, not so much by appearance. It has been looked after carefully for maybe 10 years, but its daily use has led to cushions more yielding than she would prefer.
She can feel them sagging beneath her as she lounges of an evening's TV viewing.
This cannot be good for her posture.
What to do about it?
One idea of course is to replace it. The thought does not fill her with joy.
She wonders what is actually required to restore it to its former glory...maybe a board under the 2 main cushions.
This morning she had a brainwave, and put her camping mat in between the bed base and the cushions.

It left a large amount of dark blue sticking out of one end, but it did provide the firmness she needed, and the spare camping mat sticking out actually also provided more necessary cushioning and comfort.
It would not win design of the year, but she felt strangely satisfied by this solution, however temporary.

I am now going to have a look through what I wrote.
I had to correct a spelling, but left everything else intact.
It is mainly factual, not very interesting to a casual reader, but the point is, I sat and wrote for 7 minutes, which is 7 more minutes than yesterday.

It would be nice to come back tomorrow and write some more

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