Thursday, 23 April 2015

a-z challenge T: Transcendence, timeless awareness, talent bank, tithing.

  T: Transcendence, timeless awareness, talent bank, tithing.

Time-bound awareness occurs when we relinquish the self for the self-image.

 Our self-image, in time-bound awareness, is always influenced by the past and by anticipation and fear of the future.

 Our time-bound awareness is typically rooted in fear and guilt.

 If we immerse ourselves deeply in the present moment, we embrace time-less awareness and we appreciate that everything is as it should be.(Allowing the Flow)

This is the state of bliss and intuition.(more of this please unified field)

The right responses come to us, at just the right time.(blessed with the gift of insight and clear reason)

 Timeless awareness is in the heart – if feels.

Time-bound awareness is in the intellect – it calculates.

Tithing means giving away a certain percentage of your income without conditions or strings attached.

( I have read that it is best to tithe to someone /thing that has nourished you spiritually)

 When you give, a vacuum is created that attracts even more of that which you give away.

 If it’s a closet full of new clothes you wish to have, bundle up your old items that you haven’t worn in years and simply know that new clothes will find their way into your life.

 So it is with everything you desire.

Is there anything in your home/business you could give away/donate?

Are there any thoughts, feelings/emotions around Affluence that you can simply surrender to the Power that Knows the Way? 

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  1. It is like a SECRET... Whatever you give will come back to you ... :)