Tuesday, 24 March 2015


I went to sign up for this year's challenge

There was a techy hitch when I tried to sign up, so will try again later, like you do.

I was looking through some posts in a yahoo group I ran in 2009- the focus was on Creating Affluence.
We shared our daily experiences.

I have chosen my A-Z for April - going through the qualities of Affluence in alphabetical order.
Wonder if I will create 26 posts?


  1. hey! roomie!!*
    just getting out and looking around the list adjacent to my own position. I got in real early being #1235!! (ha ha)

    * actually not a roommate, but sorta a 'list mate' being adjacent on the list of blogs on the A for ZZ Blog challenge

  2. I'm curious! I hope you will have fun with the challenge! :)

    @TarkabarkaHolgy from
    Multicolored Diary - Epics from A to Z
    MopDog - The crazy thing about Hungarians...

  3. This sounds like an interesting topic for your theme for a-z. Best of luck to you. I've got just 3 more posts to write and schedule, hope to wrap it up today. Always nice to meet more bloggers.