Sunday, 23 March 2014

A-Z Blogging Challenge

I read about this last week and then again yesterday so I followed the link to see if I could work out how to join in. As it involved using code and I have little HTML knowledge, I wondered if I could work it out. So far so good - this seems to be working. As soon as I thought it might be fun to join in, especially as I love letters...I once told a friend that I thought people corresponded with letters- that one is an 'R', that one a 'K' and do on. It was easy to think about a theme for A= Artist, B = Beauty, and that reminded me of a hairstyle I saw last week that was beautiful and, here we are - blog number one so I can join in. ps. I had a comment on my post yesterday and found out it was a different A-Z challenge on why I love A-Z blogging so I have deleted that and joined the proper one. Let's see if I have got it right. so here is the link for you to play.


  1. Welcome to the A to Z, I am helping behind the scenes a bit this year and visiting blogs in a sort of random way. The A to Z can be quite a task if you are new to it and it is worth thinking about your posts well in advance. 26 posts in a month can be a shock to the system if you are not used to it. But it can be great fun and you get to find like minded bloggers. I wish you the very best and I hope it all goes to plan, I am not good at plans but this year I actually have one . . . . .PHEW....

    I hope to call by again although there are many blogs, but I will do my best.

    Rob Z Tobor

    Ooooo you do have the CAPTCHA (prove you are not a robot) word/number thing activated, folk tend not to respond with comments if they see that, so it is worth turning off if only for the A to Z. . .

  2. thanks for feedback re captcha. Had a look at options and have now turned it off.
    Am finding out quite a lot more about this site since joining A-Z and it's all good

  3. The A to Z can be frustrating at times but it has its good points. . . Good Luck.

  4. Can meet a ton with the a to z run

  5. Good luck with the A-Z challenge. Sounds like you have a great plan and I agree-I think some letters really do represent people!