Tuesday, 19 June 2012

To the Light

I went to see 'To the Light' at the Serpentine Gallery today. It is an exhibition of some of Yoko Ono's work. I was thrilled to see the step ladder, magnifying glass and piece of paper on the ceiling that I had read about. John Lennon had been to an exhibition, climbed the ladder and saw the word written on the small piece of card was 'yes' . He said if it had been 'no' he would have known Yoko was not the woman for him. I so wanted to climb that step ladder this morning, but checked in with the young man in black who was standing in the corner. I asked him -''if I go up that ladder will you have to stop me? '' and he said yes, I so wish he had said no!!!.
There's the difference between John and me..he would never have thought to ask if it was OK..but then, he already was John Lennon so no-one would have stopped him would they. Have I made obedience an art I wonder.

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