Friday, 22 June 2012

Lakshmi's Serendipity

I am off to a small market town  tomorrow as I have been invited to a birthday BBQ by a 3 year old whose birthday it is. I had been moodling about a birthday gift. What do you get for a little girl who has tons of toys and books already? As I have been enjoying my oil pastels this week I thought she might enjoy her own set of quality oil pastels. The texture and colour choices would make a change from chubby wax crayons or felt tips.
I decided to go to CASS which has an interesting collection of art supplies.
En route I popped in to Oxfam, and there I got my 2nd 'find' in a week....a small porcelain tea-plate with Lakshmi in the centre.
Lakshmi has been around a lot recently. I went to a Psychic Cluedo event as Lakshmi, and won a prize for my presentation, then at an experimental creativity evening I was invited to be Lakshmi again, and here is the plate, waiting for me.Sheer delight.
This is the image in the centre of the plate and next week I plan to paint her. Her essence began to come through when we did some painting at the Creativity evening and I think even more would like to be expressed. And yes, I did get some pastels 50 pieces with 49 colours.I hope they go down well.

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