Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Inktober Day One

It would have been easy to say...naahh...can't be bothered, and I can't draw anyway...but I had an idea and acted on it and chose 5 minutes as my time to use ink. I picked up a new envelope and drew a design in black ink on the front.
My theme for this month is 5 minutes daily ink decoration on a new envelope every day.
I participate in a variety of swaps and have a few penpals so the envelopes will be used soon.
I have a 12 line poem to finish and have picked a pretty notecard to write it out on, so tomorrow's 5 minutes will be spent on decorating the accompanying envelope.
I have not decided yet on the colour of the ink. Using only black appeals, but the notecard is very pretty and invites a colourful envelope.
We'll see what I choose in the morning.
Are you taking part in Inktober?
This is my first year.

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  1. How are you doing in the pandemic Zannie? Please write about it for us.