Friday, 16 August 2019

Power to Choose?

At any moment, I have the power to choose. Today, I choose to dare to follow my dream. The universe is for me always.

I have unlimited access to unlimited ideas. I now choose to listen to inner guidance, following inner nudges and daily signs to bring this idea into manifestation. The world needs my idea now.

I celebrate the ability to be born beyond my history, my story or my DNA. I now rejoice in knowing that every day, there is a new door waiting to open on this amazing journey we call life.

My heart is open to each encounter. I greet this day with a celebratory nature, knowing I will seek a work of art in every situation. My heart is now even more open to receive pure joy.

I am authentic in my relationships. I choose to look past the negative and see the Divine Light beyond the worldly appearance of lack. I ask to see the love in every situation I encounter today.

I look beyond any appearance of lack in others and see that today, I can be the quiet genius in someone else’s life. I encourage and support others to recognize their own gifts.

I am in my zone of joy and passion, empowering others to live in theirs. Everyone’s a winner when I stay in my zone of genius.

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