Wednesday, 3 April 2019

A-Z Challenge / C

Creativity Coach..I wonder how many of us knew this was a career option when we were at school.
I am glad Jamie Ridler took that career choice as her work has encouraged me to keep going.

I did her 10 week journaling club in the winter season and she comes up with some great ideas.

I signed up for a postcard swap on Swapbot where we could not use white card as a base.

It was a bit of a stretch to not begin with a painted base so I did some collage on animal print card stock and quite like my creative solution. I finally got three cards in the post.

I also enjoy the Creativity Matters podcast.

Recently listened to someone who has just published a book on the strength of sketching daily while enjoying her main job of bringing up her family.


  1. I had a creativity class last year, and it's a wonderful way to think just a little step on the side!

  2. I follow Jamie too! Isn't she great?

    Janet’s Smiles

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