Saturday, 29 April 2017

An Ordinary Poem

I have joined a 28 day poetry challenge.
Today we write one about an ordinary thing from our day.

The Book Case.

I felt like going to the library today
today I returned some books
books delight me but on the way
way was interrupted by a surprise
surprise for me at the charity shop 
shop invited me to stop
stop and look
look at me and see the potential
potential to organise 
organise my books and art stuff
stuff that is strewn around
around and around go the thoughts
thoughts of how to get it home
hone organsied
organised my thoughts to buy
buy the book case
bookcase is now home.

Well- that was fun and quick and easy.
It is in a form I learned about last October during my 1st 28 day poetry challenge.

Co-incidentally I came across a poetry workshop that is happening next month... four hours focus, so I signed up for is with a real live poet, rather than online.
The same people are alos offering a short course on creative writing- on a sense of place...put my name down for that.
It will make a change to just write, rather than facilitate like I do at the creative writing group in the local library

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