Monday, 6 March 2017

100 Women Artists

100 female painters:~

Georgia O'Keefe 
Frieda Kahlo, 
 Vanessa Bell
Yayoi Kusama
Gwen John
Beryl Cook

Name 5 Female Artists

I saw an article about naming 5 women artists.
 I could not name 5

I could name 2

Georgia O'Keefe and Frieda Kahlo, then Vanessa Bell came to mind and who is the Japanese polka dot lady...I looked her up ..her name is Yayoi Kusama

That is the grand total of 4

I now have a project- to name 100 women artists by the end of March.
Would you like to join in?

Would you like to add the names of artists you know about- and maybe a link.?

I mean women who are known nationally/internationally, rather then local artists.

I could add Flora Bowley as I know of her work and she is a painter, but will not include her in this list as she is not a known artist.

I may create another list of 100 next month for women whose work we like and who ought to be known

A couple more came to my awareness -  Gwen John- then someone more modern...Beryl Cook!!