Sunday, 7 June 2015

postcard art- day 2

Have completed my 2nd postcard. It is great fun using my glitter pens- makes me feels about 8 years old.
Exercised some will power this morning to a level of wanting to stop- leave it undone and come back to it later.
From past experiences that was likely to mean it would not be completed so exercises willpower and finished it.
Used red, green and yellow today.
I looked on the website that inspires me and on week 3 the prompts include embellishments- that gives me a couple of weeks to gather tiny things to stick on and to get the right kind of glue and maybe find those tweezers.
Other participants are posting on Instagram - am I the only person in the western world without a camera on my phone?


  1. Arts and crafts and glittery aren't just for kids! Sounds like you're having fun, but where are the pictures?