Tuesday, 2 June 2015

More mini movies

I did think about doing 1 a day. Yesterday I completed a 2nd one , on the benefits of the Violet Flame.


I enjoyed creating it, which is the main thing. . If it stops being fun I won't continue.
Where is that fine balance between creativity and discipline?

I could do another today. Just wondering what the topic would be.

Is it cheating to use one I created a couple of years ago? At the time I did not realise there  was an option to make each image last longer than 2 seconds.
Plus I found something to click that ensures the music loops so it lasts until the end of the mini movie.

yes, I will do that today and post tomorrow.


  1. It's kind of cheating, but who said you have to do one a day? Perhaps aim for five a week?

  2. yes, 5 a week feels more manageable, more likely to actually happen...even the A-Z Challenge in April allowed us to have Sunday off