Saturday, 6 June 2015

Daisy Yellow Art - day 1

Serendipity brought me to an intriguing website

I am so glad it did as I have been inspired to join in her Index Card a day challenge.

I could not find any actual index cards yesterday when I went to our local post office, but they did have a pack of 25 plain postcards and I am sure they will do the trick. In fact they did the trick this morning as I started, and more importantly finished my first card.
I do not have a phone on my phone, so can't post it here..maybe that is another project- upgrade my phone so I can tale photos and make films.

She has some prompts on her site, but I have my own ideas for at least week one. I had been thinking about colouring in a mandala with a particular series of phrases, 8 in all, but kept procrastinating on that idea.
I have adapted it for the cards and now have the satisfaction of at least one card to blu-tack on my wall.
The idea of  8 mandalas has not gone away..maybe they will be coloured in at a later date.
The cards are completed much more quickly than a mandala..maybe I could do a mandala a week, rather than make myself cram one into a day.

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  1. Interesting idea. I actually managed to get a set of index cards on sale at the office supply store a while back (I use them for various knitting patterns).