Saturday, 20 June 2015

more postcards

disappointed with myself- have not kept to a postcard a day...have tried using pastels for 2 of them.
It is satisfying to cover the white card with a single colour, but the glitter pens did not work- had to use ordinary pen and the letters look a bit sparse .
My creativity has been expressed with playing on pinterest, and creating even more boards...what fun

Sunday, 7 June 2015

postcard art- day 2

Have completed my 2nd postcard. It is great fun using my glitter pens- makes me feels about 8 years old.
Exercised some will power this morning to a level of wanting to stop- leave it undone and come back to it later.
From past experiences that was likely to mean it would not be completed so exercises willpower and finished it.
Used red, green and yellow today.
I looked on the website that inspires me and on week 3 the prompts include embellishments- that gives me a couple of weeks to gather tiny things to stick on and to get the right kind of glue and maybe find those tweezers.
Other participants are posting on Instagram - am I the only person in the western world without a camera on my phone?

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Daisy Yellow Art - day 1

Serendipity brought me to an intriguing website

I am so glad it did as I have been inspired to join in her Index Card a day challenge.

I could not find any actual index cards yesterday when I went to our local post office, but they did have a pack of 25 plain postcards and I am sure they will do the trick. In fact they did the trick this morning as I started, and more importantly finished my first card.
I do not have a phone on my phone, so can't post it here..maybe that is another project- upgrade my phone so I can tale photos and make films.

She has some prompts on her site, but I have my own ideas for at least week one. I had been thinking about colouring in a mandala with a particular series of phrases, 8 in all, but kept procrastinating on that idea.
I have adapted it for the cards and now have the satisfaction of at least one card to blu-tack on my wall.
The idea of  8 mandalas has not gone away..maybe they will be coloured in at a later date.
The cards are completed much more quickly than a mandala..maybe I could do a mandala a week, rather than make myself cram one into a day.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

It feels good to update

I looked at another mini mind movie I made ages ago and have now improved it.
Life I said yesterday, I now know how to make each image last on the screen for longer and that makes quite an improvement.

I have just finished a biography about Benedict Cumberpatch. Spielberg got in touch with him to discuss him being in a movie- don't think I really want either  genius looking at my 6 minute efforts...wonder if they ever looks at youtube at all?

The plan is to complete another one tomorrow- still feeling enthusiastic- that can only be a good sign.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

More mini movies

I did think about doing 1 a day. Yesterday I completed a 2nd one , on the benefits of the Violet Flame.

I enjoyed creating it, which is the main thing. . If it stops being fun I won't continue.
Where is that fine balance between creativity and discipline?

I could do another today. Just wondering what the topic would be.

Is it cheating to use one I created a couple of years ago? At the time I did not realise there  was an option to make each image last longer than 2 seconds.
Plus I found something to click that ensures the music loops so it lasts until the end of the mini movie.

yes, I will do that today and post tomorrow.