Thursday, 28 May 2015

Lemon Street market

In The Artist's Way, Julia Cameron encourages a weekly Artist Date. I have not taken myself on an Artist's Date for ages, so yesterday I changed that and chose to visit Lemon Street Market, a small area for artisans and arty /crafty types to sell their wares.

Someone there was selling silver jewellery, someone had artisan bread on offer, and the times that caught my attention were sculptures of hares, in varying stances. If money were not the issue I would now have several of them adorning my window sill.
I did make a couple of purchases though - 2 small pots of soil and seeds- lavender and tomato to grow my own.
Could this be considered artistic- probably not as all I have to do is take off the outside wrapper, add water to the contents, choose where to put them, keep them watered and watch them grow..but it will be fun and it did contribute to someone else's business.

I will be visiting a local market today in my village and will probably come home with a flourishing tomato plant that someone else has got going. This will cost a lot less than the 2 I got yesterday..but it will be just as much enjoyment. I thought about it last week but did not have a suitable bag with me to get it home safely- will take my hessian bag today- that should be sturdy enough

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  1. I love little craft fairs. I love to look around at them. And get ideas.

    That reminds me. It's almost time for the Sawdust Festival to start. Some of June, all of July, and much of August there's this place where the local artists set up booths to sell their wares. I don't get a chance to go every year, but I do most years. It's a highlight of my summers.