Sunday, 31 May 2015

Creating a new mind movie

I had been wondering where my  creative spark had been hiding. I have had an idea about creating mandalas of a current spiritual process I am playing with, but the idea never materialised- though there is still hope.

I am not completely stagnant as this morning I sent off a newsletter for June for my Reiki people.
After I pressed 'send' I had the spark of an idea- what if I created a mini mind movie to accompany one part of the newsletter.

I decided to do just that, even though it was too late for this months news.

I will be able to include it next month as there is a segment on Loving Kindness each month for 4 months in total.
It was so satisfying to complete it.
I have posted it on youtube - you can see it here:~ .

I am now filled with creative ideas for more short mindmovies, and am halfway through creating one about Reiki level this space.

I have created minimovies for people, tailored to a theme of their choice and would love to create more...what if this spark of creativity catches fire!
 Well- am just adding a line or 2 as yesterday I created another minimovie , this time on the benefits of the Violet Flame.
Had a tiny mad idea that maybe I could give myself a 30 day challenge and create one a day throughout June- now that would take discipline wouldnt it.

Benefits of the Violet Flame .(.mini mind moie- less than 3 minutes)

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  1. Funny how great ideas can pop up out of the blue.