Monday, 27 April 2015

a-z challengeW: Wealth consciousness without worries.

W – Wealth Consciousness Without Worries

Wealth consciousness implies the absence of money worries
.(I used to worry about money, but not so much these days as I trust so much more that all is well)

 When we know that there is an inexhaustible supply of money we never consume ourselves with the thought of losing our money because we know it will always be there

I wonder what if feels like to absolutely KNOW there is an inexhaustable flow of money, and to experience it

. Trust in yourself to take the actions that will ensure money constantly circulates in your life (do we always always have to take action)

. Then you can let go of thoughts that begin in a place of lack and focus in the present moment and be open to opportunities when they present themselves. (Be here now...there is only Presence)

Here are some ideas about what enjoying affluence could mean day to day.
having material abundance
being free from money problems
enjoying business success
feeling financially secure
seeing your ventures flourish
having a run of good fortune

What is your idea about affluence? I would love to add to this list

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  1. Hi Zannie .. I owe you a few visits .. but check out my Y post .. for an honourable mention ...

    Affluence is just having enough to be comfortable, if there's a bit extra well and good, but I'm sure I'd share it .. always have done ...

    Cheers Hilary