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a-z challenge O: Life is the coexistence of opposites

O: Life is the coexistence of opposites, opportunity, open and honest communication.

We experience life in contrasts – up is the opposite of down, happy is the opposite of sad, love is the opposite of hate and so on. 

 Also remember that high energy diffuses low energy every time. Just as light diffuses dark. We become more and more non-judgmental as we come to realize the existence of opposites. Non-judgment leads to the quietening of the mind and allows you to open the door to creativity.

As the Bible states, doors of opportunity open for those who continue to knock. If you keep asking, you will find the answer.
 So keep knocking and doors of opportunity will continually open in your life.

and here is what David Hawkins has to say about opposites.
Hawkins' focus was not about creating affluence, which is where I have taken Deepak's quotes from, yet I think it is important to notice where we are coming from as we appear to be on this mortal coil.

On transcending the opposites...
Q: Can you give another example or further explanation?
A: Opposites do not exist in Reality. They are only concepts of speech and mentation.
 Let us take the seeming opposites of light and dark.
 Actually, there is no such thing as darkness; there is only light.
 The conditions then can be accurately described as light is either present or not, or light is present at various degrees; therefore, all light or the lack of it can be defined only in terms of light by its presence or degree, or not. Thus, there is only one variable: the presence or absence of light.

Let’s use another example-the possession or non possession of money.
 In this, the only variable is the presence of money.
 The term ‘poverty’ then implies the absence of having money, but it is not a thing in itself.
 One cannot have poverty.
There is no up or down in Reality.
These are denotations arising from an arbitrary positionality.
Neither ‘upness’ nor ‘down-ness’ exists as a reality. This is how the whole illusory world of the ego is formed as a positionality, with an accompanying naiveté which presumes that opposites have an independent existence. Therefore, the world as seen exists only in the mind of the observer. It has no independent existence. In Reality, one does not have to distinguish between ‘what is’ and ‘what is not’ but only affirm that which is, is. Therefore, the false need not be denied, but only the true affirmed.

Q: It would seem that going beyond perception and duality to Reality is difficult and would require reprogramming of the whole mind to accomplish it. Is this possible?

A: A major move in the evolution of consciousness is classically referred to as ‘transcending the opposites,’ and it brings about a rapid leap in awareness.
 Let us look at more examples that are easy to see.
The supposed opposites of heat and cold dissolve in the easy recognition that heat is either present or not. We do not say that more ‘coldness’ takes over, but only that heat disappears. If it is present, we call the condition warm or hot.

 Coldness merely means the absence of heat; it does not exist on its own. We cannot say that ‘non-heat’ exists in the room. We cannot say that ‘absence’ is present or that ‘nothingness’ exists.
Let us use another obvious example: the seeming opposites of visible versus invisible.
 It is obvious that invisibility is not a thing that exists independently, so the question arises, visible by what means?
Another example would be the seeming opposites of present versus absent.
Present is a reality that can be confirmed: absent is not a condition or a state in and of itself.
 We cannot say that absence exists.
Q: These still seem abstract. Can you give a more concrete example?
A: Electricity is either on or not on. There is no such thing as ‘off-ness.’ Off-ness cannot be sent down a wire. It is merely a linguistic convenience. The telegraph can only send ‘on’ signals; it cannot transmit off-ness. Likewise, life is either present or not; dead or deadness has no independent existence.
(Eye of the I,) by David Hawkins

(thought it would be useful to share the ideas of someone more advanced than me)

 "The key to the relationship between opposites is what is known in Taoist philosophy as “mutual arising”.
 Like the opposite but inseparable sides of a coin, or the pulse and interval in vibration, the very existence of one is dependent on the other.
 There cannot be any question of a conflict between the two because the two opposites really are more like lovers in passionate embrace than enemies in mortal combat."
- Ramesh S. Balsekar, “The Final Truth” ©Advaita Press


  1. You've given me considerable food for thought today.

  2. Intriguing! I talk in my class a lot about oppositional binaries and how they limit people's way of thinking (mostly when it comes to gender and race). There is a lot to talk about.

    @TarkabarkaHolgy from
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  4. Which is why we should focus on the having of things rather than their absence. It's a mental shift, but it's possible.

    Liz A. from Laws of Gravity

  5. Awesome post, I so agree if we can continue to try and not be judgemental, our minds are more quiet, more at peace and our bodies respond by being less stressed, our muscles less tired or tense. Liz above says it nicely, we need to focus on the positives things not the negative.
    Sandy at Bridge and Beyond

  6. Some thought provoking matter here :-)