Tuesday, 14 April 2015

a-z challenge -L: Love and luxury.

L – Love And Luxury

Once again I will begin with a quote from the book:~

The truth is you can only give away what you already have.
 For example, to give away 12 oranges, you must first be in possession of 12 oranges. 
The same goes for love
 Once you fill yourself up with love to the point where you are overflowing with love, you can now give this love away to others. 

( Rumi says all we need to do is remove the obstacles to the Love we already are)

To your significant other, to the community, to your friends and relatives, to people on the street.
 Love the world.
 There is no power stronger than love.

I study and apply a lot of what Lester Levenson teaches.

He invites us to play with the seeming polarity..

'I want to be loved- I am love 

'I want to be loved- I am love 


'I want to be loved- I am love 

'I want to be loved- I am love '

Just taking a minute a day to hold this in the heart and notice what is noticed. 

Adopt luxury as your lifestyle

Abundance is everyone’s natural birth right.
 It is your right to have luxury in your life. (again, what is luxury?)
 It is our natural state.
 Adopting luxury sets the stage for allowing and attracting more wealth into your life. 
 You deserve wealth in every aspect of your living.

 Once upon a time I had resistance to luxury. I equated it with over-indulgence.

I like the word luxury because it has LUX as a part of it and LUX is light.

It was the first Latin word I learnt as there was a statue of Florence Nightingale in the city centre where I grew up, and on its plinth was carved LUX.
It fascinated me.

Luxury still seems something for others but not for me - but I realise I am thinking in terms of private jets and yachts, and luxury covers so much more. I do not actually want a jet or a yacht.

What  is luxury to you?

I have recently treated myself to the luxury of 3 organic products for my face...it is a luxurious way to begin my day.

I also have the luxury of time to focus on my spiritual evolution.

Here are some ideas about what enjoying affluence could mean day to day.
having material abundance
being free from money problems
enjoying business success
feeling financially secure
seeing your ventures flourish
having a run of good fortune
What is your idea about affluence?

and then there is love.
what is love?

On the level of love, we are heartfelt, generous, nurturing, affectionate, steadfast, and forgiving.
Love is protective, collaborative, uplifting, holistic, and gracious.
It is characterized by warmth, gratitude, appreciation, humility, completion, vision, purity of motive, and sweetness.

Love is a way of being.

It is the energy that radiates when the blocks to it have been surrendered.

It is more than an emotion or a thought—it is a state of being.

Love is what we have become through the pathway of surrender.

It is a way of being in the world that says:
“How can I be of help to you?
How can I comfort you?
How can I loan you money when you’re broke?
How can I help you find a job?
How can I console you when you’ve suffered a major loss in your family?”

Lovingness is a way through which we light up the world.

Everyone has the opportunity to contribute to the beauty and harmony of the world by showing kindness to all living things and, thereby, supporting the human spirit.

That which we freely give to life flows back to us because we are equally part of that life.

Like ripples on the water, every gift returns to the giver.

What we affirm in others, we actually affirm in ourselves.

Once we become willing to give love, the discovery quickly follows that we are surrounded by love and merely didn’t know how to access it.

Love is actually present everywhere; its presence only needs to be realized.

Love expresses itself in many ways.

The little boy memorizes a ditty taught to him by his father, and he is still able to say it eighty years later.

The Navy sailor steers the ship through a terrible typhoon for three days, nonstop, without food and drink, when all of his shipmates are seasick.

The doctor loves and prays for every patient without their knowing about it.

The father cleans up the messy pants of a young child with diarrhea, saying, “Honey, it’s not your fault; you couldn’t help it.”

The husband gets up early to make coffee every morning just the way his wife likes it.

The doggie waits by the door for the owner to return and wags her tail when he comes through the door.

The kitty purrs.

The songbird sings.

Typically, people think of love as “romantic” love, as in “Honey” and “Sweetheart.”

But romantic love is only a minor part of a human lifetime.

There are many types of love other than personal, romantic love, and they infuse our everyday experience: love of pets, love of family and friends, love of freedom, love of purpose, love of country, love of attributes, love of creation, love as virtue, love as enthusiasm, love as forgiveness, love as acceptance, love as motivator, love as appreciation, love as kindness, love as essence of relationship, love as group energy (for example: Alcoholics Anonymous), love as admiration, love as respect, love as valor, love as fraternal bonds of unity (buddies, classmates, shipmates, teammates), love as friendship, love as loyalty, love as affection, love as cherishing, love as self-sacrificing maternal love, love as devotion.

“Love is a many splendored thing,” as the  song goes.

Experientially, this statement is true. 
When we have surrendered all of the resistances to love and let go of the negative feelings that block love, then the world is radiant with the splendour of love.
 On the level of love, this radiance is no longer hidden from us. d.hawkins

Deepak Chopra - ''Creating Affluence ''


  1. I have to fill myself with it first? Crap, I'm too full of something else lol

  2. Love is a complicated thing. Giving and receiving love is essential to ones well being. Not sure I think you have to be over flowing with love before you can give it out. Some folks think they're not loved much, then do things for others...which then fills them with love. What comes first the cart or the horse comes to mind. Nice examples!

    Sandy at Bridge and Beyond

  3. So many things to consider here today. I've read and I've appreciated your thoughts. My idea of affluence is having total peace and being able to share that with those I love.

    1. Thanks for answering he question about affluence.I noticed a few A-Z blogs had questions at the end so I guess that was part of the initial instructions, so decided to join in. Peace and sharing that peace- I agree 100%

  4. This whole post is beautiful, but two things really stood out to me. 1. That we have to fill ourselves with love first before we can truly give love to others and 2. That luxury is a good thing :) Thank you for these lessons!
    Brandy from Brandy's Bustlings