Wednesday, 8 April 2015

a-z challenge --G: Gratitude, generosity, God, gap, goal.

G: Gratitude, generosity, God, gap, goal.

Here is what Deepak has to say (from Creating Affluence)

G – Gratitude

It is our birth-right to live in abundance.
 Therefore, gratitude and generosity are natural attributes of an affluent consciousness.

 Quietly noticing and expressing gratitude to yourself for everything you currently have in your life will bring you more of that – what you’re thankful for.

 What you think about AND thank about, you bring about. 

At times I am overwhelmed with feeling of gratitude- often it is for the home I currently live in.
My   living circumstances vastly improved over 2 years ago and I do not take the current situation for granted.

Do you have anything for which you can be in gratitude today?

 God, goal, gap.

 The principle of the highest first is GOD.

 Relinquish attachment to the goal – the goal is in the gap:(easier said then done, but I do actually practice this principle)

Step 1: Slip into the gap between thoughts. The gap is the corridor.(easier said than done)

Step 2: You have a clear intention of a clear goal in the gap.

Step 3: Relinquish attachment to the outcome.(yes, letting go is a key element - plus OK regardless of outcome)

Step 4: Let the universe handle the details
. Ask and you shall receive.(it is fun how this happens. eg I wanted my own key to a building and the Universe arranged things so that I was given a key and had enough time to make a copy before returning it)

Holding a goal in mind is inspirational and actually helpful to its accomplishment, because what is held in mind tends to actualize. (I wonder how long we have to hold it in mind?)
 However, it is a mistake to attack oneself with guilt for failing to achieve the ideal.
Upon examination, it will be frequently discovered that it was not really the goal that was desired, but the satisfaction that was associated with it. (Happiness is within)

Along the Path to Enlightenment - David Hawkins 

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