Thursday, 30 April 2015

a-z challenge Z: Zest for life

Z: Zest for life.

Yes please! Well this is my final day of the A-Z challenge.
I got organised in March, when I created  the 26 titles ready for April .
I even wrote these first few sentences.
Did it remain an inspired action every day?
Was it a chore.
Did it create and maintain a zest  for life or were there moments of drudgery...we'll see!

It is still only March as I type this and it has been a zesty day.
I finally booked a hotel for the last day of my long weekend.
I plan to spend some time enjoying the Docks and Old Plymouthe - lets hope I have a zest for life when it comes to walking round the docks and the city.
Deepak says we don't have to do anything, just hold the word in our awareness...better remember to begin that when I wake up

 This is what he has to say about Zest

Z- Zest For Life

To have zest for life is to face the unknown with carefreeness and freedom. After all, the unknown is the field of all possibilities in every moment of the present. This is freedom – beyond the known of past conditioning, beyond the prison of space, time and causation.

Quantum physics has proved with scientific evidence that our thoughts affect our health, our family, our loved ones, our community and ultimately the world. The reason this happens is because we all act on our thoughts. So if we are harboring positive thoughts we are always looking for ways to enhance our lives and acting on those opportunities. On the contrary, if we keep negative thoughts circulating in our minds we act on the lack we perceive and shut ourselves down to various opportunities.

Have fun creating your own destiny.

ps. I am adding this on the final day.
and yes, I did create and post something for every letter...and felt zestful about visiting other blogs- some more than once.
I will post another tomorrow, containing all 26 qualities.

It wont be part of the A-z Challenge as such, but may well be a contribution to someone'e life and living.
maybe you?

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

a-z challenge Y: Youthful vigor.

Y: Youthful vigor.

from Creating Affluence by Deepak Chopra

When we identify ourselves with objects, people, circumstances or things we relinquish our energy to the object of reference. (Keep that focus inward seems to be a key)

 Therefore we experience a lack of energy and vigor because we are no longer in control of our own being. 

 When our identity comes from the self, we keep our energy to ourselves. (I think self should be written Self)

 We feel energetic and powerful. 

Here’s the bottom line, when we blame circumstances or people for our feelings and thoughts, we are relying on these things to change before things will change for us. 

We give up our own power to change our results. 

Deepak reads the 26 qualities

Monday, 27 April 2015

a-z challengeX: Expressing honest appreciation and thanks to all who help us.

X: Expressing honest appreciation and thanks to all who help us.

X – Expressing Appreciation and Gratitude

Every morning when you wake up, make a conscious effort of being grateful for everything and everyone in your life. This expression of gratitude is a powerful force that generates even more of what we already have to be thankful for.

a-z challengeW: Wealth consciousness without worries.

W – Wealth Consciousness Without Worries

Wealth consciousness implies the absence of money worries
.(I used to worry about money, but not so much these days as I trust so much more that all is well)

 When we know that there is an inexhaustible supply of money we never consume ourselves with the thought of losing our money because we know it will always be there

I wonder what if feels like to absolutely KNOW there is an inexhaustable flow of money, and to experience it

. Trust in yourself to take the actions that will ensure money constantly circulates in your life (do we always always have to take action)

. Then you can let go of thoughts that begin in a place of lack and focus in the present moment and be open to opportunities when they present themselves. (Be here now...there is only Presence)

Here are some ideas about what enjoying affluence could mean day to day.
having material abundance
being free from money problems
enjoying business success
feeling financially secure
seeing your ventures flourish
having a run of good fortune

What is your idea about affluence? I would love to add to this list

Saturday, 25 April 2015

a-z challenge -V: Values.

Truth, integrity, honesty, love, faith, devotion, and beauty.

Without values there is chaos and confusion and when values disintegrate, everything else disintegrates.

We must be mindful of what we think about because the dominant thoughts that constantly circulate in our minds are what we are focusing our energy on.

 Typically these things are not of high value.
 So change your values.
 Become clear on what your values are so you can immerse yourself in these thoughts throughout the day. What you think about you bring about.

 So focus on things like truth, and integrity and love and you will see these surface in your life more and more.

A great focus for the day.
What is your most precious value? 

Friday, 24 April 2015

a-z challenge U: Understanding the unity behind all diversity.

U: Understanding the unity behind all diversity.

We are all connected.

Behind the idea of each of us being separate from each other, there is a unity in the universe.(and the awareness of and the living as this must surely be above material affluence)

 We experience this unity consciousness when we are in love, when we are at one with nature, listening to music, dancing, reading poetry, listening to classical music and in the silence of meditation.

 Our thoughts affect the universe.

. Therefore it is  in your best interest to mind your thoughts and to harbor only positive thoughts, it is your obligation because your despair or guilt or sorrow is affecting someone else in the world.

 (do not like the word obligation)

The unified field is not constrained by boundaries, conceptual notions, or premature cognitive commitments. 
The field is unbounded in space and time. 
It has no limits in time; it is eternal.
 It has no limits in space; it is beyond the outer edges of space.

“Creating Affluence” by Deepak Chopra

Thursday, 23 April 2015

a-z challenge T: Transcendence, timeless awareness, talent bank, tithing.

  T: Transcendence, timeless awareness, talent bank, tithing.

Time-bound awareness occurs when we relinquish the self for the self-image.

 Our self-image, in time-bound awareness, is always influenced by the past and by anticipation and fear of the future.

 Our time-bound awareness is typically rooted in fear and guilt.

 If we immerse ourselves deeply in the present moment, we embrace time-less awareness and we appreciate that everything is as it should be.(Allowing the Flow)

This is the state of bliss and intuition.(more of this please unified field)

The right responses come to us, at just the right time.(blessed with the gift of insight and clear reason)

 Timeless awareness is in the heart – if feels.

Time-bound awareness is in the intellect – it calculates.

Tithing means giving away a certain percentage of your income without conditions or strings attached.

( I have read that it is best to tithe to someone /thing that has nourished you spiritually)

 When you give, a vacuum is created that attracts even more of that which you give away.

 If it’s a closet full of new clothes you wish to have, bundle up your old items that you haven’t worn in years and simply know that new clothes will find their way into your life.

 So it is with everything you desire.

Is there anything in your home/business you could give away/donate?

Are there any thoughts, feelings/emotions around Affluence that you can simply surrender to the Power that Knows the Way? 

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

A-Z challenge S: Spending and service.

S: Spending and service.

The posts in this challenge are taken from Creating Affluence by Deepak Chopra.

Money is like blood – it flows.(strange metaphor)

 If you constrict this flow by hoarding money and saving every penny for the “what ifs”, you constrict the flow of energy and money always eludes you.(S is for wise stewardship though?)

 Money is life energy. (everything is)

We use it as an exchange for services rendered.

If we want to keep money flowing in our lives, we must keep it circulating.( and develop our capacity to receive too?)

a-z challenge R: Receiving is as necessary as giving.

Continuing with the exploration of the book 'Creating Affluence' by D.Chopra

R – Receiving is as Necessary as Giving

To graciously receive is an expression of the dignity of giving (what does this mean?)

.Giving and receiving are simply different aspects of the flow of energy in the universe.(Yin and Yang)

 People who are incapable of receiving are also incapable of giving wholeheartedly, with no expectation of something in return. (we may be programmed that it is more blessed to give than to receive..let's change that now)

 Your ability to receive a compliment, respect, or admiration also implies the ability to be able to give these to others.

 So fill yourself up with love and respect so you are now overflowing with it and you are now in a position to give it away.

 The more you give, the more you get.(but that should not be the motive for giving surely?)

How open to receiving are you?

Is it easier to give or receive, or do you experience both equally? 

Monday, 20 April 2015

a-z challenge Q: To question.

Q – Question Everything

It is important to question ideology, question outside authority, and in essence question all the decisions you currently make. (yet earlier he says affluent people are slow to change decisions)

 Here is the bottom line, your best decision-making has brought you to where you are today.

 If you are not having the results you want, change your world.

 Change your decision making process.

 Question what people take for granted, what people hold to be true so we can break through the social conditioning we have been exposed to and affected by our entire lives. (yes, that has been valuable in my life experience, not going on automatic.)

Saturday, 18 April 2015

a-z challenge -P: Purpose in life, pure potentiality.

P – Purpose in Life and Pure Potentiality

We are all here to fulfill a purpose, it is up to us to figure out what this purpose is.

(could I let go of wanting to figure it out and open into pure knowing instead?)

 If you love what you do for a living, you are fulfilling your purpose in life and suddenly work is not work at all.
(maybe Purpose is not about what I am doing for a living as that precludes anyone out of work as having no purpose, which is ridiculous)
 If you have not yet found your purpose in life, keep knocking and the doors will begin to open.

 Focus your thoughts internally and connect to the creative energy that brought you into existence.

 It is here that your purpose will be unveiled.

Yes, meditation is most valuable.

The field purifies everything that it comes into contact with.
 To purify means to restore something to its original, pristine state.
 The universe, being the expression of exquisite balance, has its source in purity; therefore the field, which is the source of everything, purifies everything that it comes into contact with.
Creating Affluence” by Deepak Chopra

Thursday, 16 April 2015

a-z challenge O: Life is the coexistence of opposites

O: Life is the coexistence of opposites, opportunity, open and honest communication.

We experience life in contrasts – up is the opposite of down, happy is the opposite of sad, love is the opposite of hate and so on. 

 Also remember that high energy diffuses low energy every time. Just as light diffuses dark. We become more and more non-judgmental as we come to realize the existence of opposites. Non-judgment leads to the quietening of the mind and allows you to open the door to creativity.

As the Bible states, doors of opportunity open for those who continue to knock. If you keep asking, you will find the answer.
 So keep knocking and doors of opportunity will continually open in your life.

and here is what David Hawkins has to say about opposites.
Hawkins' focus was not about creating affluence, which is where I have taken Deepak's quotes from, yet I think it is important to notice where we are coming from as we appear to be on this mortal coil.

On transcending the opposites...
Q: Can you give another example or further explanation?
A: Opposites do not exist in Reality. They are only concepts of speech and mentation.
 Let us take the seeming opposites of light and dark.
 Actually, there is no such thing as darkness; there is only light.
 The conditions then can be accurately described as light is either present or not, or light is present at various degrees; therefore, all light or the lack of it can be defined only in terms of light by its presence or degree, or not. Thus, there is only one variable: the presence or absence of light.

Let’s use another example-the possession or non possession of money.
 In this, the only variable is the presence of money.
 The term ‘poverty’ then implies the absence of having money, but it is not a thing in itself.
 One cannot have poverty.
There is no up or down in Reality.
These are denotations arising from an arbitrary positionality.
Neither ‘upness’ nor ‘down-ness’ exists as a reality. This is how the whole illusory world of the ego is formed as a positionality, with an accompanying naiveté which presumes that opposites have an independent existence. Therefore, the world as seen exists only in the mind of the observer. It has no independent existence. In Reality, one does not have to distinguish between ‘what is’ and ‘what is not’ but only affirm that which is, is. Therefore, the false need not be denied, but only the true affirmed.

Q: It would seem that going beyond perception and duality to Reality is difficult and would require reprogramming of the whole mind to accomplish it. Is this possible?

A: A major move in the evolution of consciousness is classically referred to as ‘transcending the opposites,’ and it brings about a rapid leap in awareness.
 Let us look at more examples that are easy to see.
The supposed opposites of heat and cold dissolve in the easy recognition that heat is either present or not. We do not say that more ‘coldness’ takes over, but only that heat disappears. If it is present, we call the condition warm or hot.

 Coldness merely means the absence of heat; it does not exist on its own. We cannot say that ‘non-heat’ exists in the room. We cannot say that ‘absence’ is present or that ‘nothingness’ exists.
Let us use another obvious example: the seeming opposites of visible versus invisible.
 It is obvious that invisibility is not a thing that exists independently, so the question arises, visible by what means?
Another example would be the seeming opposites of present versus absent.
Present is a reality that can be confirmed: absent is not a condition or a state in and of itself.
 We cannot say that absence exists.
Q: These still seem abstract. Can you give a more concrete example?
A: Electricity is either on or not on. There is no such thing as ‘off-ness.’ Off-ness cannot be sent down a wire. It is merely a linguistic convenience. The telegraph can only send ‘on’ signals; it cannot transmit off-ness. Likewise, life is either present or not; dead or deadness has no independent existence.
(Eye of the I,) by David Hawkins

(thought it would be useful to share the ideas of someone more advanced than me)

 "The key to the relationship between opposites is what is known in Taoist philosophy as “mutual arising”.
 Like the opposite but inseparable sides of a coin, or the pulse and interval in vibration, the very existence of one is dependent on the other.
 There cannot be any question of a conflict between the two because the two opposites really are more like lovers in passionate embrace than enemies in mortal combat."
- Ramesh S. Balsekar, “The Final Truth” ©Advaita Press

a-z challenge N: 'no to negativity' + 'nourishment'

N: Saying no to negativity.

Negative people deplete your energy.
 Surround yourself with optimistic and positive people who add love and nourishment to the world.
(I wonder where they are? I did share sunrise on the clifftop to celebrate Easter)

 When you find yourself having a negative thought, simply say “next” and change your thoughts. 
(a very useful practice)

 What you think about you bring about so mind your thoughts carefully
(how much thinking do we have to do to bring about - this seems simplistic to me)

. Don’t let just anyone dump anything into your mental faculty, look for the positive in the world and more positive will show up.

 Here’s a hint – go on a one month media fast. No TV. No news. No radio.
(No- don't think I want to do that - it is more realistic to continue to be selective about what I read/listen to)

 Fill your time with reading books and listening to CD’s that bring about positive changes in the world.

Here is Deepak's audio, which  IMO comes into this category.

What inspires you?

The realization that there is a source of joy and happiness that is beyond the ego is a major step.
Then curiosity and an interest in how to reach spiritual goals arises
 Belief also arises, which is then bolstered by faith, and eventually by experience.

 Next follows the acquisition of instruction, information, and the practice of what has been learned.
 By invitation, the spiritual energy increases, followed by dedication and the willingness to surrender all obstacles.

Even the decision to turn one’s life over to God brings joy and gives life a whole new meaning.
 It becomes uplifting, and the greater context gives life more significance and reward.
 One eventually becomes unwilling to support negativity, within or without. 
This is not because it is wrong, but merely futile. Although the journey to God begins with failure and doubt, it progresses into certainty.
 The way is really quite simple.
Along the Path to Enlightenment. David Hawkins

N is for  Nourishing
The unified field nourishes everything in creation, from a tree to the movement of stars and galaxies, to the migration of birds, to the movement of our own immune system, to the digestive process that is taking place inside us, to the beating of our heart. 
All this is nourished.
 (lovely thought. How can I open to this nourishment more and more today. Universe please show me)


from “Creating Affluence” by Deepak Chopra

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

a-z challenge -M: Making money for others, motivating others.

Here are some ideas about what enjoying affluence could mean day to day.
having material abundance
being free from money problems
enjoying business success
feeling financially secure
seeing your ventures flourish
having a run of good fortune

What is your idea about affluence?

M – Making Money For Others

As Zig Zigler once stated, you can have everything in life you want, if you just help enough other people get what they want
.(is that actually true? It does not seem to be a resourceful belief to me}

 When you are in service to others, because we are all connected, you are inadvertently helping yourself achieve your goals and attract your desires into your life.

 (that makes more sense, although I like to be a contribution to others anyway, and not with ulterior motives as to what I might get out of it.)

 When you assist others in fulfilling their desires, you will more easily fulfill your own dreams.

I am enjoying the online mastermind that is focusing on Catherine Ponder's approach to prosperity.

The participants are encouraging each other through their sharing.
Let me know if you would  like the link to the audio archive. 

and here is Deepak's audio on all 26 qualities

What did you enjoy about it?

Will you listen again like he suggests?

a-z challenge -L: Love and luxury.

L – Love And Luxury

Once again I will begin with a quote from the book:~

The truth is you can only give away what you already have.
 For example, to give away 12 oranges, you must first be in possession of 12 oranges. 
The same goes for love
 Once you fill yourself up with love to the point where you are overflowing with love, you can now give this love away to others. 

( Rumi says all we need to do is remove the obstacles to the Love we already are)

To your significant other, to the community, to your friends and relatives, to people on the street.
 Love the world.
 There is no power stronger than love.

I study and apply a lot of what Lester Levenson teaches.

He invites us to play with the seeming polarity..

'I want to be loved- I am love 

'I want to be loved- I am love 


'I want to be loved- I am love 

'I want to be loved- I am love '

Just taking a minute a day to hold this in the heart and notice what is noticed. 

Adopt luxury as your lifestyle

Abundance is everyone’s natural birth right.
 It is your right to have luxury in your life. (again, what is luxury?)
 It is our natural state.
 Adopting luxury sets the stage for allowing and attracting more wealth into your life. 
 You deserve wealth in every aspect of your living.

 Once upon a time I had resistance to luxury. I equated it with over-indulgence.

I like the word luxury because it has LUX as a part of it and LUX is light.

It was the first Latin word I learnt as there was a statue of Florence Nightingale in the city centre where I grew up, and on its plinth was carved LUX.
It fascinated me.

Luxury still seems something for others but not for me - but I realise I am thinking in terms of private jets and yachts, and luxury covers so much more. I do not actually want a jet or a yacht.

What  is luxury to you?

I have recently treated myself to the luxury of 3 organic products for my is a luxurious way to begin my day.

I also have the luxury of time to focus on my spiritual evolution.

Here are some ideas about what enjoying affluence could mean day to day.
having material abundance
being free from money problems
enjoying business success
feeling financially secure
seeing your ventures flourish
having a run of good fortune
What is your idea about affluence?

and then there is love.
what is love?

On the level of love, we are heartfelt, generous, nurturing, affectionate, steadfast, and forgiving.
Love is protective, collaborative, uplifting, holistic, and gracious.
It is characterized by warmth, gratitude, appreciation, humility, completion, vision, purity of motive, and sweetness.

Love is a way of being.

It is the energy that radiates when the blocks to it have been surrendered.

It is more than an emotion or a thought—it is a state of being.

Love is what we have become through the pathway of surrender.

It is a way of being in the world that says:
“How can I be of help to you?
How can I comfort you?
How can I loan you money when you’re broke?
How can I help you find a job?
How can I console you when you’ve suffered a major loss in your family?”

Lovingness is a way through which we light up the world.

Everyone has the opportunity to contribute to the beauty and harmony of the world by showing kindness to all living things and, thereby, supporting the human spirit.

That which we freely give to life flows back to us because we are equally part of that life.

Like ripples on the water, every gift returns to the giver.

What we affirm in others, we actually affirm in ourselves.

Once we become willing to give love, the discovery quickly follows that we are surrounded by love and merely didn’t know how to access it.

Love is actually present everywhere; its presence only needs to be realized.

Love expresses itself in many ways.

The little boy memorizes a ditty taught to him by his father, and he is still able to say it eighty years later.

The Navy sailor steers the ship through a terrible typhoon for three days, nonstop, without food and drink, when all of his shipmates are seasick.

The doctor loves and prays for every patient without their knowing about it.

The father cleans up the messy pants of a young child with diarrhea, saying, “Honey, it’s not your fault; you couldn’t help it.”

The husband gets up early to make coffee every morning just the way his wife likes it.

The doggie waits by the door for the owner to return and wags her tail when he comes through the door.

The kitty purrs.

The songbird sings.

Typically, people think of love as “romantic” love, as in “Honey” and “Sweetheart.”

But romantic love is only a minor part of a human lifetime.

There are many types of love other than personal, romantic love, and they infuse our everyday experience: love of pets, love of family and friends, love of freedom, love of purpose, love of country, love of attributes, love of creation, love as virtue, love as enthusiasm, love as forgiveness, love as acceptance, love as motivator, love as appreciation, love as kindness, love as essence of relationship, love as group energy (for example: Alcoholics Anonymous), love as admiration, love as respect, love as valor, love as fraternal bonds of unity (buddies, classmates, shipmates, teammates), love as friendship, love as loyalty, love as affection, love as cherishing, love as self-sacrificing maternal love, love as devotion.

“Love is a many splendored thing,” as the  song goes.

Experientially, this statement is true. 
When we have surrendered all of the resistances to love and let go of the negative feelings that block love, then the world is radiant with the splendour of love.
 On the level of love, this radiance is no longer hidden from us. d.hawkins

Deepak Chopra - ''Creating Affluence ''

Monday, 13 April 2015

A-Z challenge -K: Knowledge contains organizing power.

K- Knowledge Contains Organizing Power

Your past can never be changed but you can change your future by changing your actions today. 

(I wonder if simply changing actions without changing beliefs or vibrations will change anything)

If you counsel only with yourself, you can only make decisions based on what you already know.

 If you mastermind with wise people, you can now add their wisdom and experiences to your own. 

(yes, this seems to be a good idea. I have recently joined a Catherine Ponder study group.
I have also created a group here in Cornwall to focus on David Hawkins material)
You can now create your future rather than just accept it.

(First, accepting what is- that is important as resisting what is blocks our energy.
This is not the same as resignation though) 

 Knowledge brings about a new awareness from where it is possible to create new realities.

(that sounds wonderful)

Here are some ideas about what enjoying affluence could mean day to day. 
having material abundance
being free from money problems
enjoying business success
feeling financially secure
seeing your ventures flourish
having a run of good fortune
What is your idea about affluence? I would love to add to this list

Saturday, 11 April 2015

a-z challenge J: Judgment is unnecessary.

J – Judgment is Unnecessary

When we relinquish the need to classify things as good or bad, right or wrong, we experience more silence in our consciousness.

(Total agreement here.
The challenge is to give up judgement)
Quiet your internal dialogue by simply observing things as they are, not as you think they should be.

(This is one of the main teachings in non-duality. Acceptance has a high frequency, and is not the same as resignation, which has much slower energy)

The main body of the A-Z posts are from Creating Affluence by D.Chopra

Here are some ideas about what enjoying affluence could mean day to day.
having material abundance
being free from money problems
enjoying business success
feeling financially secure
seeing your ventures flourish
having a run of good fortune

Where do you notice affluence today?

How willing are you to be judgement free, just for today as best you can?

I am going to give it a go



Thursday, 9 April 2015

a-z challenge I -Intent + Infinite Silence

I – Intention

The power of intention is in a single-mindedness of purpose 

( Act of Will by Roberto Assagioli goes into different aspects of the Will in great detail)

 Put all your energy into making decisions and then once a decision is made, stand behind it. (Don't agree with that..doesn't leave any wiggle room does it. Interesting to find out how much I disagree with Deepak in my study this time round)

Intention is a well-defined purpose that is unchangeable. (again, this sentence feels rigid- life is so much more fluid than that)

 Successful people make their decisions quickly and change their minds slowly. (Wonder if he might give us an example of this)

 Unsuccessful people make their decisions slowly and change their minds quickly.

 The universe will handle the details, organizes and orchestrates opportunities – you simply make the decision and be alert to these opportunities. (yes, this sentence resonates, yet I prefer the word 'choose')

I would also like to add another 'I'  I am


"At the root of everything is the feeling "I am."
 The state of mind: "there is a world" is secondary, for to be I do not need the world, the world needs me.”
- Nisargadatta Maharaj

I have included this to balance any seeming emphasis on material wealth or success that may be inferred in Creating Affluence

 Infinite silence is a quality of the Unified Field.
Infinite silence is the mind of God. (even the word 'silence' is soothing)
 It is a mind that can create anything out of the field of pure potentiality.(how delicious)
 Infinite silence contains infinite dynamism. (the quiet before the storm?)
Practice silence and you will acquire silent knowledge.(ah...yes!)
 In this silent knowledge is a computing system that is far more precise and far more accurate and far more powerful than anything that is contained in the boundaries of rational thought.
“Creating Affluence” by Deepak Chopra

This is the aspect of this book that interests me more than material affluence, though I enjoy that while I live on this planet.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

a-z challenge -H: Happiness and humanity + harmonising

H: Happiness and humanity.

Deepak Chopra. Creating Affluence audio


Most of our pursuits in life are to create more happiness in our lives. (a human tendency)

The big mistake is in thinking that possessions, or positions, or people will make us happy.( this realisation comes to us all sooner or later I expect)

 Happiness comes from within. (ah yes, so true)

 It’s a state of being and is therefore a choice.

 Make a conscious decision to be happy as soon as you open your eyes in bed.

 Laugh often. 

 Laughter is the outward expression of enthusiasm and enthusiasm is the fuel that moves the world. 

Greet each day with laughter, smile at everyone you meet, and possess a grateful spirit.


 The universe is the harmonious interaction of all the elements and forces that create balance and harmony. 
The word universe literally means “one song” (uni: one; verse: song).
 In this song, in this harmony, there is peace, laughter, joy, and bliss.
“Creating Affluence” by Deepak Chopra

Here are some ideas about what enjoying affluence could mean day to day. 
having material abundance
being free from money problems
enjoying business success
feeling financially secure
seeing your ventures flourish
having a run of good fortune

a-z challenge --G: Gratitude, generosity, God, gap, goal.

G: Gratitude, generosity, God, gap, goal.

Here is what Deepak has to say (from Creating Affluence)

G – Gratitude

It is our birth-right to live in abundance.
 Therefore, gratitude and generosity are natural attributes of an affluent consciousness.

 Quietly noticing and expressing gratitude to yourself for everything you currently have in your life will bring you more of that – what you’re thankful for.

 What you think about AND thank about, you bring about. 

At times I am overwhelmed with feeling of gratitude- often it is for the home I currently live in.
My   living circumstances vastly improved over 2 years ago and I do not take the current situation for granted.

Do you have anything for which you can be in gratitude today?

 God, goal, gap.

 The principle of the highest first is GOD.

 Relinquish attachment to the goal – the goal is in the gap:(easier said then done, but I do actually practice this principle)

Step 1: Slip into the gap between thoughts. The gap is the corridor.(easier said than done)

Step 2: You have a clear intention of a clear goal in the gap.

Step 3: Relinquish attachment to the outcome.(yes, letting go is a key element - plus OK regardless of outcome)

Step 4: Let the universe handle the details
. Ask and you shall receive.(it is fun how this happens. eg I wanted my own key to a building and the Universe arranged things so that I was given a key and had enough time to make a copy before returning it)

Holding a goal in mind is inspirational and actually helpful to its accomplishment, because what is held in mind tends to actualize. (I wonder how long we have to hold it in mind?)
 However, it is a mistake to attack oneself with guilt for failing to achieve the ideal.
Upon examination, it will be frequently discovered that it was not really the goal that was desired, but the satisfaction that was associated with it. (Happiness is within)

Along the Path to Enlightenment - David Hawkins 

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

a-z challenge -F: Failure contains the seed of success.

 Continuing with the material from Creating Affluence by D. Chopra

Here are some ideas about what enjoying affluence could mean day to day.
having material abundance
being free from money problems
enjoying business success
feeling financially secure
seeing your ventures flourish
having a run of good fortune

F: Failure contains the seed of success.

Our failures are stepping-stones, bringing us even closer to our goals.( Who or what decides something is a failure?)

 So in reality, there is no such thing as failure.

 What we call failure is just a mechanism through which we can learn to do things right.

 Do not dwell on mistakes in the past, accept responsibility for them and then look forward. (no point in dwelling or looking back, I agree Deepak)

Your history does not control your destiny, but your current thoughts do.( I prefer the idea that our future self is calling us forward)

Freedom is inherent in the unified field, and when we contact that field then freedom comes to us.
(a thought of pure joy)
 It is freedom that comes from the experiential knowledge of one’s real nature. 
(which is underpinning my chose of theme for this A-Z challenge)

And our real nature is that we are the joyful, silent witness, the non attached, immortal spirit that animates all manifestation.
(I feel stillness with this line)
 And to have the experience of that silent witness is to just Be. (To me this is the ultimate freedom)
This is real freedom—the ability to enjoy the choices we make in every successive moment of the present.
 It is the ability to spontaneously put our attention on those choices that bring joy to us and also to others.

“Creating Affluence” by Deepak Chopra

Sunday, 5 April 2015

a-z challenge- E: Exulting in the success of others, expecting the best.

E – Exulting in the Success of Other, Expectancy Determines Outcome

It is pertinent for you to exult in the success of others, particularly in your competitors’ success and the achievements of those you may consider enemies. 

 Your competitors and enemies will become your helpers if you exult in their success.

“E” also denotes that what you expect will come to fruition, without fail. 

Your thoughts become things. 

 So it’s very important to expect the best and you’ll see that the outcome is contained in the expectation.

I wonder whose success I can exult in today- ah yes, The Apothecary at the local festival I went to on Saturday.
So talented and getting paid to have fun and create magic for anyone who came upon her stall.

I found her website online and read her blog post, in which I discover she used to be a gymnast and she exasperated her coaches because for her it was not about winning a competition - she too exulted in the success of others.

She is not in the A-Z challenge but here is her lin

 Evolutionary is also for Evolutionary
Everything in nature is evolving to a higher level of existence.(very encouraging)
 Even without trying or thinking, just by virtue of our existence itself, we are evolving to a higher level of awareness. (effortless evolution- I like it)
When we are aware of this, we evolve even faster.

“Creating Affluence” by Deepak Chopra

Friday, 3 April 2015

a-z challenge -D: Demand and supply, dharma.

 I continue with the A-Z exploration of 'Creating Affluence' by Deepak Chopra

This is from the book:~

D – Demand and Supply, Dharma

We live in a world where cultivating a servant’s spirit is an attribute that attracts like no other. 

As you humbly serve others, they willingly share their wisdom with you so you can add this knowledge and experience to your own and dramatically increase your success.

 Ask yourself “How may I serve”, 

“How may I help”? 

 The answers are within you.

 Do not be distressed when there is no one available to help you – be excited when you can help.

(I no longer resonate with 'serve', although I do like the idea of being a genuine contribution)

“D” also stands for Dharma
Each of us has a Dharma, a purpose in life. 
 When we are in Dharma, we love our work. 
 Find your Dharma and then serve to your best ability

(I suppose a word like this looks more exotic than 'purpose' although I do remember many years ago during a time of relentless unhappiness, hearing someone refer to our soul's purpose and those 2 words instantly lifted my  spirits out of the doldrums)

Thursday, 2 April 2015

a-z challenge -C: Carefreeness and charity.

C: Carefreeness and charity.

Not so hot on the word 'charity.'

I would prefer words like kindness, consideration and maybe sharing resources, energetic or material.
Charity is such a dusty, worthy, fuddy duddy word from the 19th C .

Carefreeness - now that I of the Puritan work ethic.

 This is what Deepak has to say

C – Carefreeness and Charity

A million dollars in the bank without carefreeness and charity is a state of poverty.( I would like the experience of £1m in my account though)

The more you make, the more is required. (feels like an obligation- where is the carefreeness in that statement?)

 If you make a lot of money, you must give a lot of it away. (Sounds to authoritarian )

 Money is energy and must continually flow in your life.(again, the languaging feels patriarchal)

 Therefore, if you are receiving bunches of money and hoarding it in a bank account, you are constricting the flow. (Hoarding sounds like a value judgement)

Release your money with joy because what ever you give away comes back to you magnified a thousand-fold. (WHAT would it take to experience that today?)

Wealth consciousness is a state of mind.

 If you are constantly concerned about how much money you have, irrespective of the dollar amount in your bank account, you are inherently poor.

 Be carefree with your money and spend it wisely, judiciously and constructively. (carefree and  spend it wisely are not a match in the same sentence are they)

This will ensure a constant influx of money into your life.

 I am sure open to a constant influx of money - how about you?

Today I will hold 'carefreeness as my word of the day and notice what I notice

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

A-Z Challenge- B is for better and best

B is for better and best.

hmm- at first glance this seems to be inviting a value judgement......better than what.

But what I do like from what I recall from the book is the invitation to go for the best, to have the best life for me...but that still seems like pandering to the ego.

Still, I trust the material enough to play with the words just for today as best I can.

This is what he has to say about the words/principle

Evolution intrinsically implies that things are getting better and better with time.
 This is also the case with you.
 Your current situation is only the residual outcome of the decisions you have made in the past.
 Your future depends on your decisions today, not yesterday, not the day before but today. 
People with wealth-consciousness only settle for the best in life, also called the principle of the Highest First.
 Go first class all the way and the universe will respond by giving you the very best. 

I do like to travel 1st class when I travel by train. It is more spacious, which I appreciate.