Tuesday, 31 March 2015

A-Z challenge -A: All possibilities

A: All possibilities, absolute, authority, affluence, abundance.

Well this is very odd.

I wrote a paragraph this morning inspired by Affluence, but it has disappeared - maybe I did not save it into drafts after all.---and yet I look again another day and realise it was simply a matter of clicking through to the next page

The feeling and imagery is still with me though, a golden stream expanding into a slow moving river of golden light. It has a tang to it too.

I am playing with the book Creating Affluence and intend to blog daily about the word/words and my experiences of /with them.
Fingers crossed this gets saved.
Just checked and all is well - though must take extra care when I have taken the time to participate again this year- with plans to get further than last year.

ALL POSSIBILITIES - I have these 2 words written in gold on a white postcard, stuck on the right side of my front door..maybe it is time to more the card somewhere else, or to decorate it a little...and to hold the couplet in my awareness for the day and see what unfolds

 authority - certainly some resistance to this word/concept- maybe I will have a look at the page in the book to see what is meant by this word as the way I am holding it...someone has authority over someone else..dont like that much

Here is what the author of the book has to say.

The true nature of the universe is one of all possibilities.

 From this level, it is possible to create anything you desire.
 All of material creation, everything we can hear, taste, touch, and smell, comes from the same source – energy. 
Energy is everything and everything is energy.
 Understand that energy is intrinsically affluent because it gives rise to the infinite diversity and abundance of the universe.

I once had an audio of him reading through the book and as I type I can hear his voice- guess it made an impact on my psyche


  1. I can relate to "all possibilities" and I wish you many more..great start..

  2. I'm with you on possibilities, but admit you lost me from there. Affluence made me think of $$, so thought you might be writing about our affluent society. Good luck with your book, and I hope you don't have further problems with losing posts. I know sometimes it's best to hit publish with a date in the future to come back and finish vs hitting save, sometimes the save thing just doesn't work very well. Happy Day 1, and good luck with a-z

  3. You can't have "authority" without "author"! ;)

    - Carrie Butler, A-Z Minion