Thursday, 3 April 2014

D is for Dance

I recently joined a choir. I was attracted by the kinds of songs...rock, pop and Motown. In the repetoire they have Bruno Mars, ''Just The Way You Are'', which is one of my favourite songs at the moment. Every autumn I look forward to 'Strictly Come Dancing ' and enjoyed Harry Judd enormously. He won in 2011. Can you imagine my delight when I saw a clip of him practising to my favourite song recently. Think I will have a look on youtube to see if the full dance routine is there. Yes- it is...and get a load of that dress.


  1. Love Strictly. The clothes they all wear are such a huge part of the show. They're always stunning.
    Good luck with your AtoZ's.

  2. Fabulous dance performance. Nice that you included it with you post. Am enjoying your a-z's...