Monday, 21 April 2014

A-Z Blogging Challenge - S is for Shibashi

I recently noticed a flyer for a Qigong class locally. I felt inspired to make enquiries and will be attedning my 4th class on Friday. The Shibashi are a group of 18 individual Qigong exercises that are designed to balance the Qi throughout the body. I have already noticed improvements in my energy even though I have only just returned to the practice. Each Shibashi exercise is focused on a primary meridian pair The Shibashi Postures COMMENCEMENT: This is good for regulating respiration, allowing the lowering of the breathing rate. It is also good for maintaining the balance of the blood pressure, it strengthens the function of the Kidney meridian, calming the nerves ( Shen). It also has a therapeutic action in the alleviation of arthritic pain, in the knees. I recognised this movement from the time I used to do Tai Chi. It is relaxing and meditative. BROADENING THE CHEST: This is good for dealing with insomnia, hypertension, relieving mental fatigue, and when used in conjunction with “Commencement” it can be used to treat asthma. I like the feeling of this, although my shoulders want to give up before I do. Now I have decided to practice at least 5 minutes daily I am sure they will get happier and happier. PAINTING RAINBOWS: This is effective for regulating the blood pressure, aiding digestion, alleviating gastric ulcers, alleviating shoulder and lumbar pain. Physically, it can assist in reducing fat deposit in the waist. I look forward to noticing a trimmer waistline and looser trousers, hopefully by next week. CIRCLING THE ARMS TO PART THE CLOUDS: This builds up strength in the waist and legs, and enhances the respiration. It strengthens the function of Kidney qi, increasing the vital energy of the body, being particularly good for those who suffer from dizziness, palpitations, anxiety, or shortness of breath. PUSHING TO THE DIAGONALS: This is effective for alleviating arthritis of the shoulder or knee, muscular fatigue of the groin . ROWING THE BOAT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE LAKE : This strengthens the function of the digestive system and is effective in alleviating intestinal and gastric disorders. It is also good for relieving pain in the waist and legs. HOLDING A BALL IN FRONT OF THE SHOULDERS: This is particularly good for treating stress and insomnia as it calms the Shen. I remember this move from the time I did Tai Chi in a class in London a few years ago. It is so good to have this body memory. TURNING TO GAZE AT THE MOON: Improves digestion, alleviates intestinal dysfunction, and also helps reduce fat deposits in the waist area. TWISTING WAIST AND PUSHING PALMS: This increases the circulation to the extremities. It is effective in treating ailments associated with Spleen and Stomach as it strengthens their functions. It is also good for calming the mind , and treating pains in the waist and legs. WAVE HANDS LIKE CLOUDS: This exercise accelerates circulation of blood and qi throughout the whole body. It is good for the treatment of lethargy, gastric ulcer, indigestion, and rheumatoid arthritis. SCOOPING FROM THE SEA AND VIEWING THE SKY: This increases strength and flexibility of the waist and thighs. It helps to regulate the blood pressure, improves the circulation, and calms the Shen. There was a move I discovered in the past called 'Joy of Life' that was similar to this . PLAYING WITH WAVES: This is a very good exercise for building the strength in the waist and thighs. Alleviates high/low blood pressure, lethargy, and anxiety (Shen). FLYING DOVE SPREADS ITS WINGS: Good for opening up the chest, relieving strain/tightness in the chest. It is also very good for the treatment of indigestion, Liver, and gastric disorders. PUNCHING WITH OUTSTRETCHED ARMS: This is good for relieving mental stress and tension (particularly with work related stress). It also strengthens Liver qi. This brings to mind Ju Jitsu and Kung Fu classes. THE FLYING GOOSE: Strengthens the function of the Kidney and Spleen, helping to regulate the blood pressure. It is recommended for sufferers of kidney problems, low blood pressure, dizziness, and tinnitus. SPINNING WHEELS: This exercise increases flexibility within the waist and abdomen whilst also building up strength. It can be used for treating low blood pressure, increasing the flow of both blood and qi thereby increasing vitality and restoring energy. BOUNCING A BALL WITH STEPS: This is good for relieving mental tension (Shen), anxiety, and insomnia. PRESSING PALMS IN CALMNESS: This is good for regulating the breathing and balancing the blood pressure. It strengthens the function of the Kidney, calms the nerves, can alleviate tinnitus and dizziness, and also has an effect on arthritis of the knee. So, there we are...this is what I will be studying this year. I have been shown 7 moves so far at is up to me to practice daily.

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  1. hey! I spent a number of years attending a tai chi class. One of the first interesting things (about the class) was that I found it immediately engaging, and, as a result, I lost most of my (normal) self-consciousness around strangers. it helped that the instructor was a total clark* but, having taken kenpo lessons in my 'youth time'… I found the underlying principles of t'ai chi much more satisfying and agreeable.
    * a Doctrine thing