Wednesday, 2 April 2014

A-Z Blogging Challenge -C is for Chiaroscuro

C is for 'chiaroscuro'. I loved this word when I first came across it years ago. It is Italian and means light and shade. I have been thinking about it for a few days because of a prompt word from a writing group I go to. Lightshade was one of the 5 words we had to incorporate in our story. Lightshade meaning lampshade did not inspire anything but lightshade as in light and shade did- it led me back to 'chiaroscuro'. I put the word into google, like you do and it took me to a short piece about Caravaggio and so I invested a few moments looking more closely at a couple of examples of his work. Depicting light on canvas fascinates me and I admire artists who have the skill to do this. Merriam Webster online dictionary also gave extra definitions of the term , including 'in the shadows', and that gave me an extra image for the possibility of my story including a figure in the shadows. This character feels male, yet if I consider another word used by Merriam Webster 'veiled ' a female character might join the cast. At least I have a setting to begin writing- the Uffizi in Florence. I wonder how this will unfold.

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  1. I love learning new words - especially those for meanings we can't quite comprehend in English meaning. Thanks!