Tuesday, 1 April 2014

A-Z Blogging Challenge - B is for Beauty

I have been watching 'Hair' on TV. It is a competition between young hairdressers. They are given challenges each week and graded on their work - someone is the star of the week and someone has to leave. They have to cut hair in a particular way, to show they have the technique, but much more interesting is the style challenge. Last week they had to do a chignon and there is a young man called Kobi who did a chignon that was so graceful and beautiful that I felt really moved. Such a sense of style, movement and grace. Later, the creative challenge was to do a science fiction inspired hairstyle and he produced intricately sculpted plaits molded on the top of the model's head- stunning. He won. The talented girl who did an even more intricate design with lights and feathers did not seem pleased that she came second. I look forward to seeing more works of beauty from this young man.

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