Sunday, 1 July 2012

Shamanic Day

I enjoyed a day doing shamanic journeys . I  regularly do journeys for other people so it was great to take a whole day to focus on myself. We were asked to bring a book and pens to write notes. I thought this would be to record journeys, so took my art journal with me as well as my pastels so I could depict the experiences in different ways. I also thought we would have an hour to pass at lunch time, and thought itwould be a great use of my time to get my colours out.
As it turned out, writing was actually needed and lunch time was filled with talking about the morning's experiences and my pastels reminaed in the box. It did not matter, the day was very rich & colourful and it has expanded my art journal as it now has writing in it too and I may paint over the notes or add pictures as the fancy takes me.