Wednesday, 21 March 2018

A-Z Challenge- Theme Reveal

I have taken part in A-Z challenge in previous years, and have decided to do the challenge this year.
I have chosen ART as my theme and wonder what will reveal itself day by day in April

Friday, 19 January 2018

Experimental Paper-

William has samples of a  treated vintage paper for us to experiment with

I will post updates of my experiments here


I am not a watercolour artist.

I like to play with the colours.

I cut out postcard size pieces to explore this paper.

I wet one card then added drops of colour and watched it spread.

By the time I got to colour 3 the paper was not wet enough for the spread effect, so had drops of water just sitting on the surface, they did not move even when I lifted the paper and tilted it in invitation to flow.

Verdict - probably not for watercolour painting- (wet-on-wet) though experienced artists might have a different point of view.

I am happy with my postcard of radiating blues and dots of purple.


I asked for some Inktense pencils as part of my Christmas wish list in 2016- not used them much as I do not really know how to.

Created another postcard ( am making 365 postcards this year as a project )

The inktense colours came out beautifully

Verdict- good for Inktense. follow....

Thursday, 18 January 2018

DAJ-love-heart-valentine theme

I enjoyed painting this.

Experimented with stencils for the first time.
Added Iridescent to magenta for the back ground.

 Decided to explore the possibilities of Divine Love with this one..Om  Mani Padme Hum...jewel in the lotus....compassionate heart.

Monday, 1 January 2018

Project 365

I have a project for 2018.
To create 365 postcards.
I think it will mostly involve acrylic paint, and some collage.

I created my 1st one today. No pic though as I do not have the technology yet.

The idea came from

Do you have a daily project this year?

I prefer the idea of 7 a week, and am committing month by month- that way there is more chance of success.


January 18th already and I have just cut out 2 more cards and have painted one of them...card 19.
So pleased to be keeping up with this.
My collection is growing, some more pleasing than others.
Tried my hand at gilding one yesterday...could get hooked.

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Art Dolls

Made my 1st art doll as part of a swap. I enjoyed doing it and will make more in 2018.